Memorial Day Choir

3rd Annual Pensacola Memorial Day - Community Choir

Due to the resounding success of the “Heal Our Land” Community Choir at the recent Civic Band concert on April 14th, we would like to invite those participants plus any others to join the Pensacola Civic Band during their Third Annual Memorial Day Concert on Monday, May 28th at the Hunter Amphitheater at the Community Maritime Park beginning at 5 p.m.   The choir will be singing “Heal Our Land” by Putman/Carter and “God Bless America” by Berlin/Christopher/Moss.  Click on the PDF files for a copy of the music.  Original copies will be provided at the rehearsal.  You may also listen to the music by clicking on each sound link. The choir will also be singing the service songs of our Armed Services on “Armed Forces Salute” and the National Anthem.

We will rehearse on Monday evening, May 21st at the Rehearsal Hall, Room 884 in the Ashmore Auditorium, Building 8 at PSC beginning at 7 p.m. The sound check will be at 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon May 28 th on the stage of the Hunter Amphitheater.  The dress for the choir will be white shirt or blouse and dark pants or long skirt.  This concert is a free concert.  Bring lawn chairs, blankets, food, drink, etc. Your songs will be the last selections on the program.

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