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The Pensacola Civic Band, Inc. is a volunteer organization which provides an outlet for members of the community who enjoy playing band music. In a group of this size, a few policies are necessary to ensure the band’s smooth operation and to maintain our continued tradition of excellence.


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[tab title=”Attendance”]

Since the band rehearses only once a week, it is important that each member be present at every rehearsal and arrive on time
In case of illness or unavoidable conflict, members should notify the director at PJC (850-484-1800 or dsnowden@pensacolastate.edu ) in advance, if possible. If he is unavailable, please leave a message with the secretary before 4 pm or contact Martha Trammell, personnel director, at 850-455-7406 or Grand16@cox.net .

Each member will be allowed three (3) absences from rehearsals per concert. More than that will result in suspension from the band for that concert. Deviation from this policy will be at the director’s discretion.

Attendance is expected at dress rehearsal. If this is the third absence, suspension from the next concert will result.


[tab title=”Membership”]

Section leaders, in conjunction with the conductor, will be responsible for the artistic quality of his/her section, calling for sectional rehearsals if necessary.

At the discretion of the conductor, rotating of players within a section may be utilized to provide variety for players and versatility for the band by spreading the stronger players throughout the section. A challenge for position is permissible with the approval of the conductor.

The Board of Directors has set membership dues at $20 for your folder at the beginning of the spring and fall season. If you have paid for both spring and fall sessions, the summer season is fee free.


[tab title=”Rehearsals”]

The first rehearsal of the 2013-2014 season will be August 27, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm in the Kennedy rehearsal hall at PJC.   Rehearsals begin promptly at 7 pm. Be sure you are warmed up and ready to play at that time. Have a pencil in your folder to make notes.

Please pay attention and keep unnecessary talking to a minimum. Playing should stop promptly when the director signals; listen for directions.

You are responsible for your music; however, if you cannot attend a rehearsal, be sure the folder is at each rehearsal. Members will be fined $10 for unreturned folders after a concert before being allowed to continue membership.

Practice between rehearsals is encouraged to keep embouchures in condition and to learn the music.


[tab title=”Concert Attire”]

Men – Black or dark blue suits, white long-sleeved shirt, black bow tie, black shoes and socks.

Women – Black slacks or minimum ankle-length skirt, black short-sleeved blouse, black shoes. No short or calf-length skirts or spaghetti-strap tops.

Summer concert attire for all is Civic Band polo shirt and shorts or long pants.


[tab title=”Concert Procedures”]

Watch for the director to signal the entrance to the 1st clarinetist. At that time, all members will take their places on stage. Please leave all personal items (cases, purses, etc.) in the wings. Band members will warm-up, then the 1st clarinetist will stand for group tuning. All members will leave the stage immediately after warm-up and before intermission. Each section should enter and leave together. When the conductor enters, all will stand and face the audience. Smile! This is supposed to be fun! This is YOUR band. Be proud of it! We want everyone to enjoy the experience of playing and of giving a good performance!